Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Basic Combat Rules

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Tuasun Strife
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PostSubject: Basic Combat Rules   Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:25 pm

Basic Combat Rules

1. There will be no god-moding. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “god-moding” is assuming that your character cannot be defeated by any means melee or magic.

2. The combat rules for Mystic Tavern are called the T1 set of rules. This is a system in which each combatant may use each post for a defensive and offensive move. Also there can be a magical attack during the move but that is a separate rule.

3. All magic, enchantments, or any use of energy in a non-melee attack must have at least one post prep.
a. Also note that if you are to use a non-melee attack, you must include any details about the effects of the spell.
b. Note also that if you do not use proper explanation this is grounds for a good argument by the opposing party. Avoid under casting your spells by giving a well rounded explanation of the spell. Remember, fights in free-form can be time consuming. In my experience I fought a battle for ten-hours.

4. Autoing will not be tolerated. Autoing during any play in free form is illegal. Autoing is assuming that any of your moves will affect the other character. This includes moving someone by physical or magical means, attacking by physical or magical means, or altering anything about another players ability or appearance.

5. A FINAL NOTE: Combat in free form role play is governed by the discretion of the players involved in the fight. God-moding and Autoing are not always illegal. If both parties consent to a side being undefeatable or both parties consent to an auto then it is completely legal. The essence of free form role play is to cradle and grow the creativity of each role player. Combat requires quick thinking and a good imagination, it is not wise to challenge players that are veterans when you are but a beginner. Take time in your studies and take advantage of those willing to teach you combat.
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Basic Combat Rules
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