Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Tuasun Strife's Profile

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Tuasun Strife
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PostSubject: Tuasun Strife's Profile   Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:18 pm

Full name: Tuasun Raziel Strife

Goes by: Tua, Tuasun, Lord Strife

Occupation: Current proclaimed Emperor of Nosgoth

Race: Vampiric

Physical Attributes: Short spiky blond hair, piercing jewel-like ice blue eyes, perfect almost god-like body, tattoo of an intricate gothic cross on right upper arm. Fair skin with a hint of darkening which is very weird for a vampire.

Relatives: The geneolgy of Males descended from Kain: Kain-Raziel-Nusakan and Tegmen-Cloud and Sky (Children of Nusakan)-Claud (Or Frost)-Tuasun(Current Monarch of Kain's brood, Son of Claud)-Damien(Heir to the throne of Nosgoth, eldest child of Tuasun)

The geneology of Females Descended from Kain and Akosha- Akosha(Wife of Kain)-???(No record for Raziel's lover)-???(No record for Nusakan's lover, Tegmen never known to keep a wife.)-Vixen (Lover of Cloud, Mother of Claud and Hailey)-Hailey (Sister of Claud, Daughter of Cloud and Vixen)-Celes (Wife of Sky, member of both Strifes and Golden Dragon clan.)-Darch(Mother of Tuasun)-Cee (Future wife of Damien and heir to the queenship of Nosgoth).

HomeLand: Nosgoth

Weapon and Armor: The ancient sword of Kain, the Soul Reaver, considered to be the most vile weapon to be forged in ancient times. A double plate fitted armor with no discerning marks except for the molded forms that mimic the curves of Tuasun's muscle.

Secondary Weapons: None.

Magic Abilities: Master of the Ice element, master of Ki element, transformation, telekinesis, telepathy, dimensional distortion.

Secondary Weapons: None.

Abilities: Has a extensive training method that gives him even superior strength and speed compared to lesser brood vampires. Can read open thoughts. Through his abilities of Ki manipulation Tuasun can give the illusion of any form of which he is familiar.

Character History:
Tuasun: Angel Warrior, Vampiric Lord

To begin the story would be to go back to when a small boy entered upon the grounds known as the Mystic Tavern. Nestled in the Mystic Wood, this place of commerce and conversation was a haven for those who wanted to boast about their accomplishments or just get a drink and sit down with family or friends. It was a summer evening and the bright colors of the sun radiated off the soft cloud cover above, not knowing where he was going or what he was doing, the small boy frightened and alone wandered aimlessly until he felt the pull in his heart bringing him to this sacred social place.

You see, this boy had no idea about his identity nor his parents, he had no recollection on why he was wondering through the woods nor why his heart had brought him here. The fact of the matter was this boy was running on pure instinct and it was written all over him. His white robes were tattered and dirty, his blond hair in a mess and full of fragments of dirt and leaves, he was a little worse for the wear and his pale complexion didn’t make him seem too healthy either. Simply put, as this boy entered into the tavern’s holdings the outlook for him was quite grim.

The inside of the tavern held many people, warriors, poets, beauties, families, different species, all of which made no never mind to this boy. That is until a blond haired man, looking uncannily like the boy stood and called to him. This man introduced himself as Cloud Strife, leader of the Strife Clan. Cloud brought the boy new clothes, food, and drink. He washed the boy with his own two hands in the clean waters of the Mystic Lake. The boy never questioned the man’s kindness but as the midnight hour grew near and the conversation grew around the small boy, he looked up to Cloud with wandering eyes and asked, “Why have you been so kind to me sir?”. Cloud just chuckled as he hugged the small child and he simply said, “Son, I have been searching for you for a good long while. Your name is Claud, and you are my first born son and the heir to my throne.” The boy took to crying, never questioning, just happily accepting what he knew in his heart to be true.

It was many years later and though still fairly young, Claud had grown into the form of a man. He had acquired a nickname “Frost” and the seat at the head of the clan his father had run when he had first came upon him that day in the summer. Some things had happened, that is a different story, but lets just say that it led to Claud not making any attempt to reclaim his shattered clan. It was on the day of the anniversary of his father’s murder at the tavern that Claud’s eyes fell upon the angelic form of a fallen angel named Darch. He dared approach her and made conversation with her. The icy heart of this princess of the skies was thawed by the simple charm and compassion of the young man she had just met. Their love grew over several months and in their first interaction intimately, Claud and Darch made love on the beaches of the mystic lake. Shrouded by her wings they sighed and moaned upon the soft sands until the had to part. This was not only a joyous occasion but an ominous one. You see, Darch upon receiving the seed of the Lord Strife, took into effect the plans of a God whom had no mercy for his subjects or otherwise.

The Blood God, the deity of the Vampyres of Lycosia, came to Frost as he sat in his manor beside the Strife Tavern. He told Frost that his one true heir must be removed from the womb and incubated elsewhere to ensure his survival. The Blood God explained to Claud that his first son would be the reincarnation of an ancient power not seen for many millennia in the land of Lycosia. His son was to be named Tuasun, and his power would be the resurrection of Raziel’s power, the ancestor of the Strife Clan’s leaders.

With a heavy heart, and a heavy burden, Claud took the baby from the womb of his sleeping lover and disappeared for many years as he reconstructed the decaying body of his son. It was over this period of time that Tuasun was actually born and he was filled in by his loving father about where he had come from and whom his mother was. You see Claud felt that it was important that Tuasun at least know about both of his parents since Claud had no memory or recollection of his mother. Claud helped Tuasun grow and trained him to be the warrior that he and his father had been. And when finally Tuasun was ready to join the world that his father had told him so many stories about, Claud went out first to seek the woman he had neglected for so many years.

It was not hard to find Darch but it was a somber and dark reunion. During his absence, Darch had married her former husband Jacen and refused to give up that relationship for Claud. Claud, heartbroken and insane, began to destroy the building around his son, swearing to entombed them both. Tuasun understood, he could feel the pain within his father’s chest, the amount of effort and work he had put in to finally create his family was felt to be for naught. Tuasun had only one choice to live and so with a heavy heart he picked up his father’s sword and slayed his father putting his body to rest within a statue of his likeness vowing never to release the soul of his father until he was to be resurrected or to be put at peace in the Home of the Western Mountains.

It was only after this traumatic ordeal that Tuasun traveled on his own to the Tavern that his father had spun him stories about for so many years. Tuasun’s first experience in the tavern had landed him his first and only addiction…women. You see, it was late in the tyranny of the Bathory clan and Tuasun came in just in time to catch the eyes of one of the members of this infamous band of heretics and murderers. She seduced Tuasun, playing on his weaker nature until he was within the confines of her bed. Tuasun naively took her word and when he finally came to his senses he realized that he was deep within the confines of Bathory Manor. You see, the woman was one of the priestesses advising the heretic claims of Lady Bathory and as she tried to spin this web of lies around Tuasun, he saw right through it. Taking up his sword, he slayed five members before escaping out the front door of the manor.

This fueled his reputation throughout Lycosia and Tuasun sought to reclaim some of the glory of his clan through the doing of justice on behalf of the people of Lycosia. Tuasun kept with this but there was something from the Bathory experience that he never could get around. His obsession with the opposite sex. Tuasun spent many years seducing and taking many to bed with him, landing him the title of “Mystic’s Man Whore”. Though Tuasun didn’t take pride in this he could not help the fact that he was trying to replace something he felt was missing in his heart.

Tuasun finally created his first child based on the assumption that he may not live long enough to see his clan renewed. The woman whom even Tuasun cannot remember the name of, took his child out of claims that he had been unfaithful and took him far away vowing that Tuasun would never see his heir and his family would never be complete. Tuasun was naturally disheartened from this experience but he continued on in hopes that his late wife would either come to her senses or his son just like his father did, would come back home to join the legacy.

Tuasun continued on over the next few years as if lost within his own world. His name was known and feared, he felt that as an individual he had completed all that he could. His delusions now turned to the fact that he wasn’t real. He was truly only existent as a power and not really as a physical being. You see, Tuasun, in order to survive, his body was built from the cellular structures of the greatest warriors that had roamed Lycosia at the time. Feeling distraught and defeated in his accomplishments, Tuasun sought only to do the work of those whom had established their own fame.

The first job of this type was one for a man named Deken Bacolith Frost. Tuasun was ordered to be his personal assassin and though Deken never suspected it, Tuasun had the intention of taking the life of this Lord whom he saw as not only a heretic but an asshole. The reason Tuasun stayed his hand was because of the Lady Bacolith, Morghana. Tuasun looked upon her with adoration and did as her husband would while they exchanged looks. When it came to a day where Tuasun could not take another order he beat down Deken and as he was about to deliver the final blow, Morghana put her hand on Tuasun’s shoulder and spoke to him for the first time ever, “My dear Tuasun, my husband is corrupt and deserves the taste of steel more than most however, your blade is too noble to pierce the flesh of this cretin.” With these words Tuasun withdrew his sword from a kill for the first time in his life. Tuasun left without word and continued to wander Lycosia.

For the longest time Tuasun simply just secluded himself within the confines of the manor built for him by his adopted brother Taucul. It wasn’t until Tuasun had reached the limits of his mind did he venture. He sought the woman who had been the only person to sway his decision to kill. Wandering into the gardens that he had sensed her in, he fell upon the form of the woman that he held in a regard. Throwing his arms around the dumbfounded woman he confessed his obsession only to find that this woman was not Morghana but one of her triplets Rhiannon. It was but a short time after this that Morghana wanting to speak with her sister found the broken form of a man she had dreamed of since he walked out of Bacolith manor. It was that very night that Tuasun found the woman he felt that he would spend the rest of his life with.

They made home at the Manor built for Tuasun and worked on their family. Tuasun had five children with Morghana before he was married at a ceremony set up by Tuasun’s grand master Urza. Urza had placed Tuasun at his right hand after seeing his extraordinary skill. Tuasun was married to Morghana and served Urza until the fall of the guild shortly after their marriage. Tuasun spent his next year just spending his time with his family and his newly wed wife. It was only a short period time after this that Tuasun found out that the murderer or his father his Great great uncle Tegmen had reclaimed the throne of the clan and began to build it to a power once again. This began the darkest chapter in Tuasun’s life and ultimately ended up with the death of the great Lord.

Tuasun sought after his uncle to reclaim the throne for himself for Tegmen was second born from Raziel and had no claim to the throne. Tuasun couldn’t bring himself to kill his uncle and so in getting drunk at the tavern, he cowered and planned on how to make his demise remembered for eternity. It was during this time in the Tavern that Tuasun met a woman by the name of Angelic and through a simple kiss regained the wings he had lost after breaking his own mother’s wing as she sought to kill his aunt Rhea. This began a fiasco that ended in Tuasun giving one of his children to Angelic before returning to his wife and forsaking all that he had promised to Angelic.

Shortly after recovering his family, Tuasun claimed the throne after the disappearance of his uncle and demanded the support of those whom had pledged their service to Tegmen. Without cause or knowledge they vowed to serve Tuasun. Tuasun built the family through up to one of the major if not the major power in Lycosia, acquiring not only his heir Damien, but his grandmother Vixen. Everything seemed good on the surface but the turmoil in the relationship between Tuasun and Morghana slowly degraded the mind of the proud Lord once again.

It was only shortly after this that no more could be taken and yet there was no way out. Tuasun had bonded himself to Morghana in an ancient way to prove his love for her and now that it needed to end for both their sakes, something needed to happen. So, in an act of desperation, Tuasun threw his immortal soul on the mercy of his God and broke an ancient law by committing suicide. Tuasun wanted to save the minds of his children by allowing them to adjust to being without both of their parents. Tuasun with every intention of coming back sat and dwelled within the land of the dead. Unnoticed by them because he was technically still bound to the planet by Morghana, and unable to speak with them for the same reasons. For many years Tuasun spent his time in this silence assured by his own self that he would be released unto the world.

And with that release came a new feeling of guilt, it blocked his senses and didn’t allow him to be whom he was meant to be. Wandering around the whole of Lycosia, Tuasun found that the lands were even more quiet than before, the heroes and demons both had gone and there was no one left to spend his memories with, that is until the angelic one Vixen came about to see Tuasun once again.

But alas, the Vampiric Lord once again was let down in defeat for Vixen disappeared on the night of Tuasun’s crowning. Thrown into a fit of rage Tuasun gathered the armies of Tilia and rode deep into the dead-land of Nosgoth. There he spent many hours facing the trials of the Blood Mother Akosha. By gaining her favor Tuasun was crowned emperor of Kain’s broods and given the ancestral weapon that symbolizes the right of the Emperor. He currently resides in the temple city of Timiarruk awaiting his ride to claim the throne in the Nosgoth capital and begin his reign as emperor of the most ancient Vampiric broods.
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Tuasun Strife's Profile
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