Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Angelic Chain's Profile

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PostSubject: Angelic Chain's Profile   Fri Nov 14, 2008 2:08 am

Full name: Lilith

Goes by: Lilith

Occupation: None at the moment.

Race: Angel/Demon Hybrid, Succubus

Physical Attributes: Deep crimson lips with a taint of black, pale white flesh, dark eyeliner which can appear a little messy. Her posture is that of a paranoid, wild woman of beauty. Fire orange eyes and auburn blonde hair. Black claws and massive white and black tainted angel wings with heavy chains hanging from them, silver loops embedded into the cartiledge and she can never remove them. Shackles on her wrists and ankles of the same silver. Often bare foot, and her clothing - while beautiful - are tattered.

Relatives: Lucifer - Father. Her mother is unknown, though she was an Angel.

HomeLand: Hell.

Weapon and Armor: Claws.

Secondary Weapons: Magic skills that she is still learning.

Magic Abilities: Learning. Though she can control fire and use fire.

Abilities: She can turn into a succubus of the reddest skin, black horns curl from her forehead and a long fleshy tail that is pointed at the end. Her wings turn from feathers to fleshy bat-like wings just as large. Control fire.

Character History: Get to know her and find out.

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Angelic Chain's Profile
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