Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Demitri Nicholov

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PostSubject: Demitri Nicholov   Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:02 am

Name: Demitri Nicholov
Nickname: Demi
Age: 17
Race: Human

Pets: Raj - Which he came a crossed after a breakup, who he later came to find out is a young boy whom is a werecat.

Brothers / Sisters: Unknown
Mother / Father: Unknown

Personality: Demi is a rather standoffish person, he don't trust easy and he doesn't like to be touched. He has mood swings depending on the moods of the people around him, he can be loving and understanding... He more so wishes to listen the to talk about himself, once you get to know him you'll know he's rather submissive, and wants the people around him happy and content.

Special Abilities: At this young age Demitri came a crossed something in which no other child he knew had, he felt emotions... but not only his own, everyone's... He could calm people down, and at the time he didn't know what he was seeing, but he could see the dead. Feel there sadness, grief, anger... As he grew his powers grew, he learned the full extent of his powers, he learned he could read minds. But as his powers grew, his anger grew from time to time it'd explode and he'd get so angry, hateful...

History: When Demitri was born, he was a frail infant born addicted to the most gruesome drug known to man, heroin. His body almost couldn’t take it; he was hooked to machines and incubators, tiny tube’s surrounding his small body, his mother watching from afar scared to ever touch the child as if he was the plague. You see Synthia felt nothing for the child that she gave birth to; she felt as if he had ruined her life, she hated him for it. After a month of being in the hospital, Synthia was denied health care and was to take her drug-addicted child out of the hospital at once. After a day of wondering the streets with a screaming child, whom she just wanted to leave in a trashcan she came to the conclusion of what she must do. That night she laid the child on the front porch of the Kennsington residence.

Chris Kennsington, a 17 year old college student walked out the door hearing screaming he looked down, and knew right away it was the child he was told about a few months Prior. Not knowing what to do he went up to his room, still the child kept screaming his little lungs out, to the point where his small pale face was flushed. Inside Chris’s anger boiled over and he struck the Infant quiet hard. Still that didn’t stop the child from screaming, seemingly he wailed louder. After a while Chris’s mother walked in hearing the commotion, she saw Chris hovering over Demi trying to smoother him with a pillow. Chris’s mother screamed and pulled Chris off the bed, the pillow falling to the floor, that’s when it all began.

At the age of three it was found out that Demitri had heart problems, he was dragged in and out of the hospital but his grandmother. Many surgeries were preformed to find out what was wrong. Seemed no one really cared that much, so the issues were ignored.

At the age of five Demi was moved in with his now 22-year-old father. By the time Demi was six he was reading full chapter books, and painting. He was known to some, as a child Genius. His intellect exceeded his fathers by a long run, and with that came punishment. Sometimes it was a smack to the face, others far worse like back lashings, being beat with a bat and other inanimate objects, anything that would inflict pain. After a while Demi just really didn’t talk anymore, stayed in his room. Though he did go to school, he didn’t speak to anyone, but he tried to stay as long as possible seeing as it was his sanctuary, His safe-place.

At the age of nine Demi started Ballet, He felt free whilst dancing. At that time he also took up the violin, anything to keep him busy. After a few months Demi seemed like he had been playing the violin for years, so much passion, anger, and hate were put into his playing. At the age of twelve he was put into a private high school, he was still dancing and playing the violin Faithfully. He started working for his father in the Insane Asylum, doing small things, and keeping a smile on people’s faces. Two weeks before his 13th birthday, was the day when he was broken.

At this point Chris had an on and off boyfriend, one night Demi way lying silently in his room, trying to fall asleep. He heard the door creak open. Demi turned his head and all he saw was a dark figure peering through the doorway, then the door shut. Demi thought he was alone, and turned over on his side then felt a hand slide a crossed his stomach, that’s the night his innocents was stolen. Yet Chris did nothing, he beat the hell out of him calling him a liar.

A week after his 13th birthday he ran...

He ran for so long, he ran so he wouldn't be caught... He got as far away as possible, finally he was caught, he wouldn't give his name which sent him from foster home to foster home.

At the age of fifteen he was laying in bed one night, out of nowhere the floor seemed to open up. It swallowed him whole, dropping him into the middle of a wooded area, he remembered nothing of his passed. Surprisingly he remembered his name, his age... Still till this day he cannot remember much of anything, but he tracks on in life hoping he'll understand.

Things To Understand: Demitri was born in the present time, though he has grown use to the magical world somethings are still odd to him.
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Demitri Nicholov
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