Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Levaithians profeezee

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PostSubject: Levaithians profeezee   Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:18 pm

Full name: Levaithian

Goes by: Lev, Levaithian

Age: 46

Race: striped demon

Physical Attributes: lithe, and overly flexible. He uses his long striped speded tail more than any other bit of his body. using it he can lift much more than his own body weight, and crush things with ease. Handy thing to have, since he detests touching things he finds unpleasant. Eyes the colour of blood orange pulp and white and black interesperesed hair adorn his head. His skin has already begun ti stripe, so down his arms he has faint black pinstripes every five inches. He's not toned, but not chunky either.

Clothing: Normally a black leather floor length skirt, and an armored corset. All black matte leather, whilst not form-fitting, the skirt is rather tight, and the corest is just that. A black and white splashed corset that fits his body like a glove.

Relatives: none

HomeLand: a spawning pool

Weapon and Armor: He carries a short sword and thats pretty much it. His corset is made of a bit stronger leather, but it doesn't really provide much protection for him.

Abilities: he's rather fast, but he has no real abilities, besides being very very flexible, and the ability to 'poof'\, as he calls it, which means he can literally shift out of someones sight, even if they're staring right at him, they suddenly don't notice him, even if they were just talking to him, even in mid sentence, he can poof, and suddenly, they seem to forget he even exists.
Marital Status: No status.

Children: None at all

History: Lev is a striped demon. Not an actual demon, but as close to one as you'd find without going to hell. They're called that because as they age, their skin slowl develops thin black stripes over their pale white flesh. They live much longer than humans, so concurent with his species lifespan, he's the equivalent of a 20 year old. He doesn't really have much history, but he's an arrogant narcisist. He's pleasant enough to be around if he likes you, but he's most definetly not the most approchable boy in the world. He's violent and cruel, and has no problem shoving someone down and taking what he wants. He'll beat you if you disobey him, simply because he's better than you. Whether he is or not isn't up for debate in his book. it's just a fact of life.
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Levaithians profeezee
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