Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Ange [ Angelique ]

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A n g e
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PostSubject: Ange [ Angelique ]   Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:46 pm

Full name: Angelique

Goes by: Ange

Age: 3 Incubus years [ Human twenties ]

Race: Incubus

Physical Attributes:

Height : 5 ' 6 " [ Firm sky scraper platform-wearer for a reason . ]

Weight : 130 pounds

Eye colour : A pale ice blue , bordering on bleak white .

Hair colour : Naturally pure white hair with silver accents . He often dyes it ash blonde , or silver and black .

Skin colour : A pale caucasian tone resembling a doll with soft pink on nude lips .

Body build : Ange's body is soft and slim in its androgynous nature ; he was blessed with a narrow waist and slightly wide hips ; legs curvy and flowing ; a shape made for flight, gliding, speed, and seduction .
As he grows mature, he begins to build up faint abs and biceps . He can become more masculine or feminine at will , to suit his mood and need .

Clothing: The clothes given to him at birth were all too revealing . In his femme state, he wears white lingerie, cream white leather corsets, garters, stockings with white feather lining, and a white feathered choker that brushes and tickles his features .

In his current male state he rocks black ; anything from pvc corsetry accentuated in victorian lace, to long torn fabrics, coats and big, chunky wedge platforms. The platforms are a constant, as are his collars.

Ange is a fashion freak . His style could be called " Visual Boom " . He probably never wears the same outfit twice , and puts together each piece with meticulous attention to detail.

His latest fad is a chained bridal piercing from lip to ear .


Lover : Lich Lord, Rihaden.

Offspring : Eva .

HomeLand: The Incubi Clan is his home . But this clan never stays in the same place .

Weapon and Armor: Ange never wears an armor , nor he caries a visible weapon. He utilizes deceit and sexual charm to suck his victims dry, and once he's done, he moves on , not caring about the destructive path he leaves behind . However, when facing a threat, this charming boy can turn all the way around to show the real creature within ...

Abilities: He can glide above the ground, as if ice skating with the tip of his toes , gaining an aproximate of 250 m/p/h when on flat terrain . He has the power of hypnosis , and shape shifting to become a female version of himself which can either be called Ange, or Caramelle, as he himself calls it .

Ange can also stick to nearly any solid surface in order to walk on walls , and he can also transform into his pure Incubus self. This identity has various abilities, but its best not to anger or frustrate him to his limit, or suck away the energy to its last drop in order to avoid the horrid thing .

Marital Status: Engaged

Children: One son


When the Devil wants to mock the angel's hipocrisy and create a living satire of their ways, who knows what he might do ?
Angels escape to Earth all the time, behind their Father's back, commiting all sorts of sins of lust, vanity and greed , and yet they get away with being accepted back in Heaven in an era in which God, is far too busy listening to prayers, or lack thereof . " You forsake me from your throne because of my greed -- and yet look at them, pigs with wings, smart enough to still be angels after lavishing in carnal pleasures. I'll show you what YOUR angels are ! "
And with the ability of a veteran sculpting genius, he created Angelique , to the image of the angels . . .
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Ange [ Angelique ]
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