Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 Tavern Description

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PostSubject: Tavern Description   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:42 pm

Within the murky forest, of which creatures have made their ways through many of times and finding themselves headed to various taverns - One tavern stands out from the rest. Among the paths, there lies one that has been a secret among the forests. A hidden path not many have taken, and is very tricky to find. However, if one should happen to find the beat down trails, it would lead to the elegant Nightwolf Tavern.

The surroundings would soon change, growing darker. The forest floor mists with a lifting fog, swirling around any individuals who make their way through it. The fog leads into a very old cemetery, with gorgeous, yet spine chilling statues and tomb stones. Crosses stick into the snow-covered ground, with a crow clenching to one with it’s clawed feet, staring anyone down who makes their way through, disturbing the dead. There may be a six-foot hole, not yet filled with a casket or body, so some may need to watch their self, for they will find themselves falling into the wet mud bellow. Passing through, there is a clearing. Lights glow softly from a building up ahead. Black painted is this three-story tavern, magnificent in its design. A chilling wind would pick up, rattling the bones. The trees around the gothic building twist out from the ground, as if tormented and naked. They even move slightly when one gets close enough, reaching out with their sharp branches. The grass has died all around, and the gardens are filled with poisonous plants, and bushes of black roses, with thorns sharp enough to cut really deep into a creature’s flesh. The vibe the building gives off being sinister, and gloomy. As if some very bad things have happened here, things that the average mind could not comprehend.

Steps lead up to the wrap around porch, which remains bare, and cold. The steps make a small creak when applied enough weight. The creak seeming so loud in the silent of the darkness, that it could leave a crack down ones heart. The only other sounds that could be heard from the outside, is either the hollow, harsh wind, that howls like a nightmarish beast. Maybe even the pipe organ echoing to the ears of those who stand outside the doors. Even, the alarming sounds of the horses, getting spooked within the stables, in which their bound in. The stable itself, is large enough not to go unnoticed. It’s also painted black to match the house, the black paint stroked in angst, and is somehow unsettling. A creature with enough will and strength to have made it this far, will find them selves staring down an ancient door, as if it was the very gates into Hell itself. With faces of judgment of those who stand before it. The beautiful carvings around the heavy wooden door are captivating, and almost scream to be touched. The windows are one’s similar to a cathedral. Painted glass in reds and blacks, most of them resemble some sort of demonic scene within them.

Warmth could be felt from inside, as the double doors open themselves, letting in the guests into the NightWolf Tavern. What a main room that would be laid out before them, one that deserves a gasp of appreciation. Their eyes would lead to a grand stair case that leads up to the next level, with a large painting hanging there to greet them. With two large carved wolves, snarling and baring teeth, with ruffled up fur. Made out of black marble, with red jeweled eyes. The fire place is breathtaking in size, with Victorian couches surrounding it, with an expensive oak coffee table in the middle. Glass handle holders are in the middle, with long black candle sticks protruding upward. The fire place itself has heated flames, flickering softly, only to get blazing if tension should arouse. As if the very house was alive, and felt the presence and emotions of the creatures within. On the mantles are many types of relics, and some left over chains here and there. The ceiling is incredibly high, with a giant candle lit chandeliers, that curve and twists out of iron. The ceiling has been painted stunningly, and the idea of how long it must have taken, for that painstaking art work is mind boggling. Images of life, death, fire, and misery. The ceiling is then wrapped around with marble molding, which are different levels, leading into pillars at each corner. The paintings add a disturbing but lovely touch. Paintings of mythical monsters, such as Beowulf, or Cerberus. Any portraits of vampire, or human like creatures, their eyes watch you, never taking them off anyone in the tavern. The bar is long, with stools lined up to it. Everything black with red trimming. The surface of the bar is a dark granite with red sparkles here and there. Behind the bar is a mirror, in front having shelves to hold a vast amount of all alcohol imaginable. Fine wines have been collected, aged and perfected. There are large barrels to the side, holding gallons of beer, with a tap for anyone to fill their glass without asking. Bullwhips, and collars hang here and there. The rest of the main room is filled with tables and chairs. Candles placed on each, giving off a reddish glow, from the dim lighting. Of course, last but not least, the pipe organ is to the right of the room. It’s amazing to hear, yet always giving off that haunted effect.

The basement is of course closed off, not allowed by anyone but the owner to enter. The second floor of the tavern is allowed for anyone. There is boarding of course, and extra bathrooms for guests. However, one should not dare to enter the third floor. This is also -off limits- until further notice. There is a large lock for now, and no being, magical or not, can get in.


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Tavern Description
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