Like our bodies are the tool by which we interact with the real world, characters are the tool by which players interact with imaginary worlds.
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 BlackRose Sactuary

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PostSubject: BlackRose Sactuary   Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:39 pm

Ok Heres a run down of the grounds:
"First and foremost as you leave the seemingly endless woods you manage to happen upon what looks like a small grove
with a Tavern of some sort. Mayhaps by chance or mayhaps It is what you were seeking. Just beyond the tavern to the right
you notice an open area. The blue gold shimmering lake that seems to radiate and absorb the moonlight itself, as well as
this energy . The moonlight seems in a sort of way to illuminate the water into a pattern similar to the aurora aborealus
as her energy makes it glow almost as if it were alive of it's own accord. Upon the center of the lake you see an ancient temple
of bastet made of black marble and silver. The temple itself is covered by black vines that pulse with blood, slowly the
petals themselves emerge from the plant to grow to full bloom. The roses themselves are a shimmering black with a single
crimson streak down the center, it's thorns are seemingly close to an inch long and a quarter inch wide. The roof itself
of the temple seems to be contructed of pure gold and catches the moonlight in almost an illuminating manner. Several self
sustaining fountains seem to glow to life at it corners radiatign a silvery blue light of its own. As you continue down the
grass trail you see a green house to your left tinted ebony except for the roof, in itself it is solar transmission Crystal.
The glass is tinted enough not to be able to see through it.The building itself seems to be about as big as a warehouse.
As you continue on the path to the Left you see a closed up building of stone and to the right there is the training
grounds.The Training ground have a small armory with every imaginable type of weapon and armor present.There trianing field
Has what looks like a thin Crimson Line all the way around it barely noticeable except to the well trianed eyes, that is
looking for it.Inside this Crimson line,one can barely make out the silver markings on the corners of it and the silver circle
in the center. Near these grounds you see a series of 8 pillars of electricity that seem to have smaller beams that reach
to converge in the center. Several similar sparkings between the pillars can be seen dancing to and fro like a live
current.Beyond the training ground in the thick wooded lot is the hunting grounds. The Moon castes a perfect reflection on
the lake making it seem to glow in comparison to what looks like a small tavern. As you Approach it, it has an air about
as if something may not be as it seems, maybe as if time itself has stood still. The Upper Windows have the Warm glow of
light, seeming to offer an inviting nature to place. The Path Seems to Lead right up to the simple wooden tavern door.

(Only Way to Blackrose Castle is thru the tavern, and only by allowance, it is not Seen from the outside Point of View)

(Blackrose Tavern)
The first thing you notice when you enter the tavern is a distinct feeling of peace. The tables are arranged in a circular
pattern in the room leaving a large open area circular in nature in the middle of the room. Each black marble table is
covered with a sheer crimson silk cloth and has a skeletal hand as a center piece clutching a blue candle that burns with
a jade flame seeming to be a shadowy mist rather than a dancing flicker. The fireplace to the left is placed dead center
on the wall, a weave of woods and waterfalls is carved into the black marble giving it a look as if it were almost real
and living. Upon the Black marble mantle above the fireplace are two ebony panthers perched on either side facing the
room. Two candle Abras with 5 sets of these skeletal hands clutch blue candles that burn with the same jade flame are
between them. In the center of the mantle is single small silver book upon a pair of open skeletal hands. On the right
wall two sets of French doors elegantly carved, One side holds vampiric and skeletal figures guarding a keep with weapons
of the ancient ways. On the other side panther creatures are hunting through a densely wooded lot looking out into a
grove as if having returned home. The French doors are partially covered with a pair of solid black leather curtains
that are tied back with a silver cord, along with a pair of translucent silk crimson drapes that hang over the carved
wood. In each corner of this side of the room are two black marble spiral stair cases with silver railings that ascend
to the two main balcony levels above. At the Far end of the room is a bar, curved in an arc towards the room, with
several wine ranks upon it close to the sides. Towards the middle of the silver bar on either side are two sets of
bottles with a various array of alcohol and other beverages. The silver of the bar glimmers, almost radiating with
the jade light caste from the candles seeming to illuminate it. A small sign behind the bar upon parchment reads.
"Pick your poison.” In crimson lettering. The tavern extends three stories above this main floor, similar to an opera
house, with two luxurious balcony levels and a master balcony level overlooking the room. A Black leather chair is
noted on either side of each set of French doors on the right and two between them facing the center of the room. A
small ebony table with skeletal hands clutching towards the floor with outstretched fingers are the legs, is placed
between, the two center Chairs. The Black leather chairs by the fire place on the left are arranged in an arc around
it leaving room for an ebony table with four small panthers holding it up on outstretched paws before them. Between the
fireplace and the table is the distance of four feet at the edges and 6 feet in the middle of the arc, leaving enough
room to lounge in front of the fire as well. Luscious ebony carpets can be seem lining the balcony levels of the bottom
two main balconies and at the foot of each stair case, as well as before the fireplace. The walls themselves seem be
some feat to emanate a life of their own, as if this place itself is alive to protect those within it. warmth though not
uncomfortable, soothingly seems to come from the walls to maintain a constant temperature. The solid ebony floor itself
seems to be unworn by age and shimmers as the light cascades upon it. To some this is a place of paradise, to others a
safe haven and to those unwelcome mayhap it seems a bit unsettling.
By the door on a parchment upon the wall, written in a flowing script reads: "The house of Blackrose welcomes thee. Enter
here your weary hearts and find a place of peace, enter here your lost and find a place of home, enter here your haunted
minds and find a place of solace, but enter here your reign of ill intention and find an empty and hallow ground." Below
the writing is scrawled carefully in elegant script with three numbers:
1)This be a sanctuary. Any unholding of guardian Title in Blackrose is prohibited from exibiting violence.2) Permission of
the lady of the house may one enter the master balcony level. 3) Be mindful Ye who enter here on sacred ground.

~Perched upon the Silver railing of the second story balcony over looking the room unnaturally still is a
relatively petite creature. A you look closer you can see a figure from its crouch you can figure that it stands 4' 8".
Her v neck brown leather shirt curves back just below her breasts and covers only her sides leaving her silver muscled
abdominal exposed that has a faint blue glimmer. The back of the shirt is laced and hangs down behind her to the floor
of the balcony. A dagger belly button pendant catches the light and glimmers faintly. Her legs are covered by dark brown
leather pants that look like they are painted on laced up the sides with leather straps hanging down the sides of her legs.
Each strap has a small silver metallic glint at the end. Her belt Is of black leather with the insignia of Blackrose just
below her belly button dagger. A Pattern of weaved thorns trace behind her disappearing. The weave itself seems to extend
from the belt to hang down behind her, each weave again with a silver metallic glint at the end. Upon her feet are a pair
of black leather skin tight boots that lace up the back and hang the same woven pattern hanging down about a foot with
metallic glint at the end. The sides of her boots hold the insignia of Blackrose. Upon her thin fingers are a pair of
black leather skin tight archer gloves that end above her elbow. The forearm part of the gloves to the elbows were strips
of leather that were woven around her arm. The center of the glove extends up the back of her hand only covering her
middle finger and ring fingers in a point the insignia of black rose is etched into the back of them. An ebony silk mask
just covering her coyote like eyes glides back to tie her deep crimson hair back in a short pony tail, leaving small black
Leather straps hanging down the back of her hair in almost a protective shield with a small silver glints at the end.
Her ears come to a point with eight silver hoops down the sides of her ears and a simple pair of blackrose’s interwoven
with dagger from the lobes of her ears. Her midnight blue wings contrast magnificently with her silver skin that has a
blue tint. The wings themselves are covered in a sheer armor that glimmers and ebony color and extend out behind her in
an arc around her. The tattoo upon her black in neon green in an old language read” Justus et puis" ~If you near her the
form vanishes in a cloud of bluish black mist and can be seen perched upon the railing of the master balcony in the same

(master balcony)
~ A small spiral staircase of ebony traces upwards to the master balcony level. Each stair edge is lined with a single
row of black marble spikes decreasing in height as you ascend the stairs. On either side of the stairs themselves is
flat black marble with crimson veins running through it rather than silver. As you reach the top you see the balcony
level only upon one side of the room ending at a simple ebony door. Though it has no handle and may be mistaken as simply
a wall. Your feet sink into a deep midnight blue carpet that is silky upon the skin. A simple silver table rests midway
down with a leather chair at each side of it. The entire wall itself seems to be a bone bookcase filled with ancient
looking texts varying in colour and size. A faint silver shimmer seems to cover the entire front of the bookcase as if
sealing the books in as well as keeping others out. Next to the "wall" at the far end against the black marble wall is a
small ebony desk with a rolled down top and 8 drawers that is locked.The same silver shimmer seems to exstend to the desk
as well. as well as around the balcony. ~

(I Will put in the Castle Description later once I finish it)
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BlackRose Sactuary
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